Want To Be A Hip Hop Beat Maker?-Four Tips To Making Beats For A Living

Published: 07th January 2010
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If you are serious about becoming a successful hip hop beat maker, it is important to start out right. Don't make the mistake of sending your samples to top artists before you make a name for yourself in your own area.

1. Start In Your Own Back Yard.

There is no point in you sending samples of your hip hop and rap beats to a major artist or record label. Your early career, mid-career and future business is always going to be based on your relationships with people who know who you are. You need to get to know the artists in your local scene. That is where you need to start because you have access to them RIGHT NOW.

Doing this is easy. Start networking at local rap shows and concerts by watching the local newspaper for a list of upcoming shows in your area. Attend some of these shows and introduce yourself to some of these hip hop artists. Put a sampler disc in their hands and make sure you give them your business card so they can get in touch with you later. Better yet, make sure that you have a label on your disk that looks good and has your name, phone number and email address on it. You must make it easy for artists to find you when they want more of your music. Don't get discouraged if nobody shows interest in your beat making skills right away. Keep going and keep meeting people and getting your name out there.

2. Create Your Own Distinct Beat Making Sound.

Everyone has a style within them that is unique. You have somewhere within you a very unique sound that should be your signature sound. A distinct style that will identify you over time to people who listen to your music. A huge key to producing beats that sell is finding your "style" and capitalizing on it. Artists like Timbaland and Dr. Dre have distinctly unique sounds that make it easy for listeners to identify their music. It's the little things that can make a big difference. Timbaland uses his beat box abilities in his tracks and stacks them with drums. Dr. Dre incorporates the use of piano stabs and "heavy" snare drums to really set his sound apart. Find your own style and build on it. It will tell people who you are.

3. Create Value In The Marketplace By Giving Away Your Hip Hop Beats.

It may sound like a hard thing to do after putting so much quality and time into making your rap instrumental beats, but it is important to give away your beats early on in your career so that people will become familiar with you and your sound. This is how to initially create demand for your music. The tricky part is giving your beats to the right artists. You don't want to give them to just anyone. Just because they are a friend or they are short on cash, don't waste your efforts on them because they need your help. Learn to identify those who are already on their way up and invest your music in them. It will pay off later.

Make sure that you only give your beats to artists that have good financial backing and have a significant listening audience and fan base. If they like your music and their fans respond well to your music, you are now on your way to producing a demand for the beats you have created. Those artists will begin to see the value in your music and become some of your best paying clients. This has worked really well for many beat makers.

4. Build Package Deals For Your Beats.

Do this step correctly and eventually you will have top artists chasing you down for more of your music. When a rapper can stockpile tracks as they are writing lyrics for their albums, they will think of you as the guy that can help them by providing them with a "package" of beats that will help them create their entire album. You can offer them discounts for purchasing multiple beats all at one time. For example, if your rates for a single beat are $150, you can offer them 3 beats for $300. You can place these packages on your website or put them on a sampling disc.


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